How would you like to earn a CE by listening to a podcast about the nursing shortage, understaffing, burnout, and some solutions and strategies for fixing these problems?

As a bonus, you will learn some interesting details about the nursing shortage, how nursing budgets impact staffing and scheduling, and a straightforward formula that nurse managers, directors, and CNOs can use to make sense of the budget, understand how the budget transforms into care at the bedside, and how you can use this formula to fight understaffing and burnout.

Antra Boyd and Karen DiMarco at are shaking things up with a cool new way to earn CEs by listening to podcasts featuring experts on various exciting topics.

On the podcast, I chat with Antra and Karen about the nursing shortage, how we got here, and some things we can do to understand better how to manage our nursing resources and reduce burnout more effectively.

I’ve spent the past two+ years talking to nursing and healthcare leaders about the nursing budget problem I’ve written about that increases understaffing risk, ideas that could help frontline managers more effectively manage their scarce resources, and provide them with tools, data, and education to advocate for their patients and staff by more effectively communicating with finance.

Unfortunately, many of our leaders just aren’t interested in having that conversation. That’s part of why I started my blog, have been active on LinkedIn, and have been hitting the podcasts trying to educate and inform those on the front lines about these topics.

Fiscal management is an integral part of nursing care delivery. For too long, nursing has surrendered much of its financial knowledge and expertise to the finance department. Nurses must be able to converse with finance on fiscal matters as a peer rather than a customer.

Listen to the podcast, get your CE, and learn a little about the 👻 mysterious nursing budget 👻! But, just between you and me, it’s not really that mysterious or scary once you understand a few simple concepts.

And, if you’d like to learn more after listening, drop me a message. I can help nurse managers, staffing committees, and any nurses who want to understand budgets, staffing, and scheduling get started.



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