Join NurseHack4Health Nov 5-7 to help build a sustainable nursing workforce.

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Johnson & Johnson, the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders (SONSIEL), and Microsoft are sponsoring a NurseHack4Health hackathon this weekend, Nov 5-7.

The theme for this NurseHack4Health hackathon is Building a Sustainable Nursing Workforce and there’s still time to register!

From the NurseHack4Health website:

Help us build a sustainable workforce of the future.

The nursing profession is at a critical inflection point. Nursing turnover is reaching nearly 20% per year, leading to decreased stability and quality inpatient care, exacerbating nursing shortages, and increasing health system costs.

We must reimagine how to prepare and deploy new models to attract and retain our nursing workforce.

NurseHack4Health is a free, weekend-long virtual hackathon presented by Johnson & Johnson, SONSIEL, and Microsoft that empowers participants to improve healthcare and strengthen their innovation skills.

This event presents a rare opportunity for nurses, other healthcare professionals, developers, engineers, IT experts and other innovators with diverse ideas and skills to collaborate in real time to develop tech-based, minimally viable products (MVPs) that can help address today’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

While NurseHack4Health is an event held in the spring and fall, it is also a community that supports nurse-led innovation year-round.

We invite you to join us and our ever-growing community of nurse innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs in hacking for better health.

NurseHack4Health - Building a Sustainable Nursing Workforce

Nurses are the experts on the challenges that they face on the job

Nurses are who best understand the problems that they encounter on the job. We are also extremely creative and resourceful! If you have ideas about how to improve nurse staffing, nursing care delivery models, have an idea for an app or a piece of technology that would make your job easier, then you need to come to the NurseHack4Health hackathon!

Come to the NurseHack4Health hackathon and say “hello”

I will be there pitching my idea for a Care-Centric Staff Scheduling Calculator.

How many of you have had the experience where your nurse manager posts the schedule for the next month, only to find that there are unfilled shifts and an overtime signup sheet?

Have you had a time off request denied due to staffing needs?

Are you a nurse manager frustrated with trying to create schedules that provide your desired level of patient care while giving your staff enough time off so that they don’t experience burnout?

We know that chronic understaffing contributes to a wide range of negative impacts, including stress, burnout, medication errors, patient falls, hospital-acquired infections, and an increased chance of patient harm events up to and including death.

There’s nothing good about understaffing.

How would you like it if there were no open shifts and no signup sheet for overtime when your nurse manager posted your schedule?

What if your nurse manager could tell you how much time was available to request for time off each month while reserving enough resources for patient care.

My innovative idea is a Care-Centric Staff Scheduling Calculator that shows nurse managers how much non-patient care time they can schedule each month while reserving the resources needed to be scheduled for patient care.

The Calculator also provides insights, data, and advanced warnings to nursing and finance leaders of potential staffing capacity problems.

The data helps to facilitate conversations between nursing and finance regarding resource needs and resource allocation.

The Calculator also helps to create a more transparent and data-driven staff scheduling process.

Of course, the Calculator itself won’t magically fix your staffing problems or create more staff out of thin air. However, it provides the nurse manager, nursing leaders, and finance leaders with a better understanding of how the available resources are utilized and how they may impact staffing capacity. It provides a common platform with both hours and FTEs so nursing and finance can better understand what the other sees and needs.

Click the link below to register!

Register for the NurseHack4Health Building a Sustainable Nursing Workforce hackathon


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